Numbers 26:13
Of Zerah, the family of the Zarhites: of Shaul, the family of the Shaulites.
Treasury of Scripture

The immense decrease of this tribe, no less than

37,100, renders it highly probable, that, influenced by the bad example of Zimri, the Simeonites had been peculiarly criminal in the late wickedness, and that multitudes of them had died of the plague. It is remarkable, that Moses, in De. ch.

Numbers 26:33 And Zelophehad the son of Hepher had no sons, but daughters: and the names of the daughters of Zelophehad were Mahlah, and Noah, Hoglah...

, bestows no blessing upon this tribe.

Numbers 1:22,23 Of the children of Simeon, by their generations, after their families, by the house of their fathers, those that were numbered of them...

Numbers 2:12,13 And those which pitch by him shall be the tribe of Simeon...

Numbers 26:12
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